Transmission test stand with dyno testing

The transmission test stand is designed to simulate engine input speeds and vehicle loads for transmissions. The system can control the transmission’s input speed and output loads, allowing the operator to apply loads to the transmission as though it is in the vehicle. In order to facilitate proper transmission testing, a low-inertia motor is required so as to produce similar acceleration rates as seen with an engine.

The furnished AC motor is a definite purpose, adjustable-speed motor designed for optimum performance in demanding constant torque and constant horsepower applications. This design is based on years of experience in producing variable-speed motors. When matched with a high-performance AC variable-frequency drive, it provides the ideal solution for the toughest industrial speed drive requirements.

Designed specifically for adjustable-speed service, the AC motor combines optimum proportions of copper and iron with unique rotor slot designs to deliver power-matched performance on adjustable frequency Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) power.


Transmission test stand with dyno testing


The control system of transmission test stand allows the measurement of the dynamometer applied torques as well as the induced acceleration torque applied by the mass of the power absorber’s inertia. This is required to accurately measure power during transient testing. The furnished pair of dynamometers were supplied with a fast responding controller, which delivered a very fast response and ideal settling times.

The power unit consisted of a motor drive, electric prime mover, and an enclosure. The prime mover was an electric motor that is rated for multidirectional and reliable variable speed control. The motor is guarded drip-proof force vent. The prime mover possesses low inertia to more accurately simulate the inertia values seen by the transmission when connected to an engine.

The lower inertia value provides better up and down shift simulation due to the motor’s inertia value being in the range of a typical engine’s inertia value. The prime mover provides 150% overload capability for short periods of time intermittently.

The AC motor drive is a high-performance closed-loop flux vector, four-quadrant controller utilizing Direct Torque Control (DTC) to optimize dynamometer performance by software modeling the motor’s physical and electrical characteristics.

The drive uses the modeled information to accurately calculate 40,000 times per second the switching states of the power circuit Insulated Gated Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) to precisely adjust the current and voltage. This technology allows the drive to instantly react to dynamic changes within the test system due to shocks, accelerations, decelerations, or power interruptions.

Cooling of the transmission was accomplished with an in-circuit, thermostatically controlled oil-to-water heat exchanger-based cooling system.


Transmission test stand


The furnished data acquisition and control system is an easy-to-use, compact package that consists of a computer system, dynamometer and facility control system, data acquisition system, and POWERLINK’s data acquisition and transmission control software package.

The system is equipped with data acquisition, computer, keyboard, computer monitor, printer, warning lights, and all controls and instrumentation required to operate the test machine as well as the transmission being tested. The system also includes all interconnecting transmission cables and controls, and the design and strategic placement ergonomically complement the operation of the complete test system.

The transmission dynamometer data acquisition system measures and records all data, generates control signals, then broadcasts this data over an Ethernet link to be displayed and recorded in the software.

POWERLINK’s software is specifically designed for use with complete line of transmission dynamometer systems. The customer may customize software to exactly match the transmission models and testing procedures requirements.

The software provides continuous real-time computer monitoring and data acquisition of all critical transmission parameters, which may be used to form custom-printed tabular and graphical reports of the results of the test procedures. The software allows the operator to either select transmission or torque converter combinations or enter transmission models. In all cases, the operator enters transmission serial numbers at the beginning of each test.

The system provides for manual operation of the test stand and allows the operator to record data at will. The system can also operate in a semi-automatic mode, which prompts the operator through the test sequence and the system, then performs ‘auto-speed or auto-loading’. In either case, the test stand compares specified test values to actual values and acquires, logs, and records test data to a disk drive for permanent and printed records.

Transmission test stand with transversal layout


The transmission durability test, conventional performance test, powertrain test and road conditions simulation test can be completed.

The transmission test bench with transversal layout, designed by POWERLINK, is mainly for passenger front drive or rear drive transmission durability test and conventional performance test. The test bench generally uses the traditional three-motor (one input dynamometer, two output dynamometers) structure.

In view of the rapid development of new energy technology, POWERLINK combines with modular design in the traditional three-motor structure. The transmission test bench motor base can be three-dimensional adjustable to achieve a variety of transmission assembly test requirements. The tests include pure electric transmission assembly test, hybrid powertrain assembly test, three motor transmission test and etc.


Transmission test stand scopes


  • Transmission assembly test
    • Transmission noise test
    • Transmission temperature rise test
    • Transmission speed test
    • Transmission reliability test


  • Performance test of new energy drive motors and their controllers
    • No-load test
    • Stalled test
    • Temperature rise test
    • Load test
    • Efficiency measurement
    • Maximum speed test
    • Overspeed test


  • Reliability test of new energy drive motors and their controllers
  • Simulation of road conditions
  • Joint commissioning with hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) system


Transmission test bench with 1 input, 2 output dynamometers layout

Transmission test stand


Transmission test bench with transversal layout

Transmission test stand


Transmission test bench with longitudinal layout

Transmission test stand

Four-wheel drive transmission test stand


The test object of 4WD transmission powertrain is the main reducer of the open drive axle, taking into account the relevant test of integral drive axle.

The test bench consists of a drive unit (input drive dynamometer system), an output terminal load unit (output load dynamometer system 1), two wheels loading units (output load dynamometer system) and an automatic control test system software and other components.


Transmission test stand


4WD transmission powertrain test stand scopes


  • The test can complete:
    • Front or rear drive transmission (1 power output)
    • T-type transmission (2 power outputs)
    • Cruciform transmission (3 power outputs)
    • Star transmission (4 power outputs)
    • Hydraulic transmission


  • Performance tests of hydraulic transmissions
    • Fixed input torque traction test
    • Performance test under fixed road conditions
    • Anti-dragging test under fixed output torque load
    • No-load operation loss test
    • Performance test under engine full throttle torque condition
    • Performance test under simulated road driving load condition
    • Anti-dragging torque test


  • Steady-state fatigue testing of transmissions and axles
  • Transmission efficiency test for transmission and drive axle
  • Differential assembly function tests and fatigue tests
  • Steady-state fatigue and transmission efficiency tests for hydraulic transmissions


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