Throttle actuator control position, servo throttle control

FC2310 series Engine throttle actuator and FC2010 Measuring and control unit, FC2110 Engine throttle or excitation driving unit are used to control the engine throttle opening. Engine throttle actuator uses DC torque motor as the drive motor. It outputs torque through the gear deceleration and the rod (or reel) installed on the actuator controls the engine throttle opening.

Actuator rod full-scale action is 90° angle, linear stroke is 85-140mm and the corresponding throttle is 0-100%. The straight travel distance can be adjusted by the rod slider. For engine with small throttle opening, wire reel can be used. Throttle actuator uses high-precision angular displacement sensor to measure the rotation angle of the rod through the instrument to accurately calculate the actual opening of the throttle.

The way the engine throttle actuator works depends on the engine control method set by the Measuring and control unit, and Engine throttle or excitation driving unit.

Increasing or decreasing the engine throttle in the control mode set by the controller, and calculating the actual throttle opening of the engine through the angular displacement sensor compares with the throttle opening given by the Measuring and control unit, and automatically control the engine speed and torque through PID adjustment.


Throttle actuator control position, servo throttle control


Engine throttle actuator technical indicators


  • Maximum torque:
    • 1. FC2310: 13N.m (full travel reaction speed 0.4 seconds)
    • 2. FC2311: 22N.m (full travel reaction speed 0.7 seconds)
    • 3. FC2312: 30N.m (full travel reaction speed 0.7 seconds)
    • 4. FC2313: 100N.m (full travel reaction speed 1.0 seconds)
    • 5. FC2314: 15N.m (full travel reaction speed 0.20 seconds)


  • Rotation angle: 90°±5°, effective linear stroke 85-140mm, adjustable
  • Motor voltage: DC24V: DC24V
  • Ambient temperature: 0-50℃
  • Ambient humidity: ≤85%


Engine throttle actuator for AC dynamometer

Throttle actuator


Engine throttle actuator for eddy current dynamometer

Throttle actuator

Servo throttle actuator (Drive: Servo Motor)


Servo throttle actuator consists of FC2110E Engine throttle drive unit and FC2320 series Servo throttle actuator. It must be matched with FC2012 AC Dynamometer controller.


1. FC2320 series Servo throttle actuator


FC2320 series Servo throttle actuator with servo motor is used as the power output source, with the external mechanical parts including mechanical deceleration, rack and other components composing as the servo throttle actuator. It is mainly used to adjust the engine throttle opening and assists FC2012 AC Dynamometer controller to complete the engine test related to the throttle control.

The servo motor adopts an 18-bit absolute encoder as the feedback signal for the current position of the servomotor. Because the system uses the absolute value encoder, it can make the servo throttle actuator accurately complete the tasks of electricity powering up for zero value and electricity disconnection back to zero value.

Servo throttle actuator combining with the UPS power supply in the engine test system can achieve back to zero when the utility power is disconnected.


Throttle actuator control position, servo throttle control


Technical parameters


  • Travel distance: 110 mm
  • Pull force: 100 N
  • Moving speed: up to 1.5 m per second
  • Position repeatability: Less than ±05 mm
  • Work mode: continuous operation
  • Work environment: ambient temperature -10~45℃


2. FC2110E Engine throttle drive unit


FC2110E Engine throttle drive unit mainly includes servo amplifier and related peripheral control circuit for controlling the servo motor in FC2320 series Servo throttle actuator.

Through the RS485 bus, servo amplifier communicates with the host control module installed in FC2012 AC Dynamometer controller. The servo amplifier can be real-time controlled and the real-time positioning control tasks of the throttle position can be implemented in the engine control system.

Transmission gear shift actuator or clutch pedal controller




  • Gear shift speed and force are adjusted via the user interface
  • Interface controls gear shift
  • Equip with the interface with higher level automatic control system (analog and CAN)
  • Emergency cut-off function
  • Remote control function
  • Automatic gear shift actuator: force 300N, shift travel 200mm
  • Clutch pedal controller: servo motor control, force 1000N, travel greater than ±150mm


Transmission gear shift actuator


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