Dyno control panel, test rig control system

POWERLINK can meet a wide range of testing requirements with its highly flexible, customized dyno control panel, test rig control system software and hardware solutions. We can develop custom products and systems or provide complete turnkey solutions. It also matches the customer requirements of today with future’s needs to guarantee a solution that can expand with the test of time.

To help meet the challenges of a rapidly changing industry, we have developed advanced hardware and software solutions that cover the complete scope of test applications. Open design and a common, easy-to-use dyno control panel, test rig control system interface enable them to integrate seamlessly with existing instrumentation and other manufacturers’ equipment, or build turnkey systems designed for specific requirements.

At the heart of our solutions is its proprietary test automation software, which combines accurate multichannel control with high-speed data acquisition. The test automation software is the basic platform for all POWERLINK’s solutions because of its great application flexibility and scalability. Because it develops the software in-house, we have the ability to do rapid customization for clients no matter how complex the testing demands may be.


Dyno control panel, test rig control system


From upgrading existing facilities to custom end-to-end solutions, POWERLINK provides the most advanced dyno control panel, test rig control system available for electric motor, engine and vehicle testing. Applications include endurance, motor sport, performance development, climatic, calibration, NVH, production and quality audit.

Tests with dynamometer can be configured for steady-state, transient and dynamic operation. By combining our design expertise with specialty products, it is able to deliver advanced solutions for powertrain and transmission testing applications suitable for conventional motive power units, e-motor and hybrid variations. Solutions include a wide range of applications, from durability and key life testing, to NVH and performance development.


Functions and performance of dyno control panel, test rig control system


  • Powerful network support

The system supports monitoring computer to remotely send the control instructions and control the testing process. Test data can also be sent to the network database or monitor the computer in real time.


  • New test process control function

The dynamometer testing control system uses a new test process management and control. User can customize the control and measurement channels to configure the test conditions. Multiple work conditions can be combined into a set of work condition group. The multiple work condition groups can be combined into a test specification. Work conditions and work condition groups can be reused after configuring.


  • Precise timing control

The dyno control panel, test rig control system uses high-precision multimedia timer for providing millisecond precision timing. The system controls more accurate and efficient.


  • System diagnostics

When the device cannot work properly, based on device management and communication interface management information. the corresponding diagnostic functions can be provided to help users quickly solving the problem.


  • Effective communication management

Support CAN, RS232, RS485, RS422, TCP-IP and other communication methods. Fully threaded communication management for system running more efficient and stable. User can observe the status of each communication interface and warning information any time.


  • Comprehensive device drivers

Dynamometer testing control system supports for more and comprehensive types of domestic and foreign equipment (such as ECU, TCU and emissions equipment, etc.).


  • Powerful device management capabilities

User can choose whether or not to enable the device and always view the status of each device, observe the communication connection, equipment warning and channel data.


  • Beautiful and humane

Human-computer interaction interface for simple and convenient operation. The system supports a full range of Microsoft operating systems.


Dyno control panel, test rig control system


Module of dyno control panel, test rig control system


Device management module

  • Development of new device driver for system integration
  • Manage all devices, data channels, and associated channel parameters
  • Device status and warning information can be sent in real time


Channel management module

  • Manage data channel name, unit, data source, instantaneous, minimum, maximum, average values and other statistical data
  • Channel’s data sources can be flexibly changed by configuring data channels
  • Historical data traceability
  • Channel data can be sent to the computer in real time


Test management module

  • Tasks are scheduled according to test rig conditions and save in server
  • Different alarm levels are respond for test abnormality


Communication management module

  • Manage all interfaces with external communications
  • Support CAN, KLine, LIN, TCP, UDP, RS232, RS485, RS422, GBIP and others
  • Support J1939, KWP2000, AK protocol, MODBUS, PROFIBUS, USS and other protocols
  • Support ASAM standards, through ASAP2 and ASAP3 for engine ECU data
  • Support non-ASAM standard ISO9141, ISO14230 for ECU diagnostic information


Dyno control panel, test rig control system


Data processing module

  • Support for databases including Oracle, SqlServer, mySql, Access, Paradox


User interface management module

  • User interface can be dynamically configured
  • Display different user interface according to different user’s login rights


Rights management module

  • Multi-level rights management capabilities according to different roles



Dyno control panel, test rig control system

FC4000 for electric vehicle test and high dynamic dynamometer



FC4000 Dyno control panel, test rig control system consists of three parts:


1. Dynamometer controllers


1.1 FC4010 Dynamometer measurement controller

FC4010 uses computer real-time control technology for the test benches testing gasoline and diesel engines, new energy (electric vehicle or hybrid vehicle) motor, transmission, front wheel drive, etc. with real-time requirements


Test rig control system features

  • Control program runs on PC or IPC.
  • High computational power, fast computing speed, performance depends on computer configuration.
  • Fast data transfer speed.
  • Simultaneous control of multiple dynamometers.
  • Full graphical interface.
  • Modular structure with strong scalability.
  • Mature modules with good reliability.
  • Convenient maintenance, update and easy upgrade.
  • Do not use any PCI slot.


FC4010 control panel interface (example:front wheel drive test bench)

Dyno control panel, test rig control system


  1. Speed and torque refresh time adjustment
  2. System fault code, system fault reset
  3. Emergency stop and stop switch
  4. Parameter read and write
  5. Controller selection
  6. Control mode
  7. Control value
  8. PID parameter quick read and write
  9. Converter operation and status
  10. Transmission ratio calculation


1.2 FC4012 Engine measurement and control unit

FC4012 uses CANOpen protocol with 11bit-CAN2.0 and physical layer ISO11898-2 protocol, while application layer uses CIA301V4.02 application layer and communication protocol.

Protocol support services: NMT network management system, SDO data service object, PDO process data object, Device monitor includes node protection and heartbeat.


Dyno control panel, test rig control system


2. FC4000RT Real-time monitoring and control software


Major modules of FC4000RT


2.1 Equipment management module

  • Emission measurement equipment for gas or particle: Horiba 7000, Horiba 7100, Horiba 7500, Horiba 1170, Horiba 1400, Horiba 1600, AVL i60, AVL 472, AVL 478, AVL 489
  • Battery simulator
  • Power Analyzer: Yokogawa
  • CAN communication base on DBC files such as ECU, MCU, TCU, EMS and calibration base on INCA and VISU
  • Other peripherals: AVL 415, AVL 439, AVL 733, AVL 735, AVL 753


2.2 Test management module

  • Engine conventional and emissions tests: ESC, ETC, ELR, WHTC, WHSC, WNTE, NRTC, NRSC
  • Road condition simulation: NEDC road condition simulation for universal characteristics, thermal shock test
  • Motor or gearbox test: Support for motor, gearbox and hybrid vehicle testing
  • Excel customized test: support Excel file import for test operation
  • Script support


Dyno control panel, test rig control system


2.3 Data management module

  • Use SQLite database
  • Support for SQL Server and Oracle
  • Support 50Hz data recording up to 1000Hz


2.4 Communication management module

2.5 Channel management module

2.6 Test monitoring and management module

2.7 Interface management module

2.8 Log management module



3. Peripheral supporting devices


Main module of FC4000 real-time measurement and control software


3.1 FC4021 Switch module


  • Up to 528 switch inputs
  • 8 switch outputs and can associate with input. Switch output is relay contact
  • Built-in switch output protection


3.2 FC4022 Data acquisition module

  • 16 channels, the fastest channel sampling period is 1ms.
  • The sensor type of each channel can be freely defined.
  • The module has fast storage function and storage is started by CAN bus. Multiple modules can be started simultaneously.
  • 4 alarm levels can be independently set for each channel. Signals are sent to CAN bus and all nodes can be used.


3.3 FC4025 Analog output module

  • 8 channel analog isolated output
  • Output type 0-5V, 4-20mA and selectable in software


3.4 FC4026 Frequency measurement module

  • 6 channel frequency measurement, 1ms, 1-500kHz.
  • Adapt sensor types including speed sensors, electromagnetic, hall type, photoelectric, rotary encoders, etc.


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