Cast iron T slot base plate, drive shaft protection

FC2030 Engine parameter display


FC2030 Engine paramater display is used for various engine test sites to display torque (Nm), speed (rpm), power (kW), fuel consumption rate (gram per kWh) or oil pressure (kPa) and other major test parameters. Communication can be CANBUS and standard RS232 serial.

Large screen display has high-brightness large-scale digital tube with bright and clear features. The operator can have a glance on the important test conditions for engine commissioning.


Engine parameter display

FC2470 Cast iron T slot base plate and air spring


Cast iron T slot base plate (floor plate or bed plate) is used for the specimen and dynamometer installation. Cast iron T slot base plate is made of HT200 gray cast iron with after tempering aging treatment and surface cutting. The work face of the plate is processed with T-shaped slot. The T-slot bolt is M24 which is used for installing the dynamometer, the specimen mounting bracket and throttle actuator bracket, etc.

The size of cast iron T slot base plate is designed according to the power of the specimen. The distance between the T slots are designed according to the installation dimension of the dynamometer. The design of the bottom surface of T-slot base plate has taken consideration for placing air springs as uniform arrangement.


Cast iron T slot base plate

FC2480 Test bench engine mounting bracket


Test bench engine mounting bracket, in essence, is the engine mounting fixture. The engine mounting bracket consists of a mounting base, an intermediate support and an engine foot. Two mounting bases move axially along the gantry axis. Four intermediate supports move perpendicular to the gantry axis and four engine feet, each engine has a dedicated set, to accommodate different engine test installation needs.

Three-dimensionally adjustable engine mounts consist of four height-adjustable brackets (the bracket and engine connection seat are supplied by user) and two cast-iron rails with longitudinally adjustable T-slots. The rails can be moved longitudinally on the cast iron base plate and the supports can be moved laterally on the T-slot of the bar so that the engine can be adjusted in three directions to facilitate alignment with the dynamometer.


Test bench engine mounting bracket

JXJ-1 Test bench rocker junction box


JXJ-1 Test bench rocker junction box is suitable for many parameters acquisition test bed. As modules and sensors are installed in the chassis, test bench rocker junction box can reduce the field wiring. Maintenance is very convenient. Rocker uses expansion bolts to install on concrete walls with the rotation angle 180°. Four FC2022 Data acquisition modules, 18 pieces pressure sensors and cooling fans are installed in the junction box.


Test bench rocker junction box

Test bench drive shaft protection cover


Test bench drive shaft protection cover is the drive shaft protection device. It protects personnel and equipment to avoid contact with the rotating shaft system and to reduce the possible risk of shaft fracture. Test bench drive shaft protection cover includes two hinged sleeves for quick opening and closing.

A momentary contact switch checks whether the protective device is closed or not. If it is in the closed position, the automatic control system allows the test operation to be carried out safely. Drive shaft protection cover is suitable for connecting shafts or auxiliary connections.


Test bench drive shaft protection cover

Test bench drive shaft assembly


Test bench drive shaft assembly is an important part of the engine or electric motor and dynamometer connection. There are a lot of cases for transmission shaft fracture accidents during engine or motor test. So the choice of drive shaft assembly must be very careful. Do not use the cheap vehicle drive shaft and professional manufacturer products must be chosen.

According to our long-term experience, POWERLINK selected the drive shaft assembly has a good vibration absorption, strong impact resistance, maintenance-free feature, good buffering and self-position performance to achieve smooth transmission. The assembly consists of two sections with connecting flange and high elastomeric rubber body shaft.

Two section shafts are connected with precision spline. One end, which the flange with high elastic body, is connected with the engine flywheel plate. Another end is connected with the dynamometer flange. The elastic body and the spline have three degrees of freedom to realize certain angle compensation and displacement compensation along the rotation axis.

In the transmission system, it can reduce the installation accuracy. The reasonable model selection can have large carrying capacity, smooth operation, compact structure, easy maintenance and so on. High-elastic coupling is located on the connecting end of the diesel engine flywheel. It is the transition buffer between the diesel engine flywheel and the universal shaft.

To ensure the stability of the universal shaft, it must have a correct positioning at the connection of the two ends. Therefore, the middle of flywheel connection plate and the flywheel are coaxial fixed on the bearing installation seat with built-in roller bearing as the universal joint industrial bearing seat positioning.


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