Motor test bench, electric motor dynamometer

The POWERLINK motor test bench, electric motor dynamometer not only needs to meet the speed, torque and power these three technical indicators, but also meets various requirements such as load nature, work mode, acceleration, starting, braking, overload capacity and speed regulation characteristics. The motor manufacturers need to conduct motor inspection tests and type tests. The motor inspection test determines whether each assembled motor is electrically or mechanically compliant with standards.

The type test is to test the motor in accordance with the requirements of its manufacturing standards and conduct the comprehensive examination of the motor characteristic parameter. The motor test bench and electric motor dynamometer, uses eddy current dynamometer to test motors for automotive or industrial applications, performs a wide range of motor durability and factory testing.

Pre-set motor test control operations and methods can complete motor performance test, load test, durability test and reliability test.


Motor test bench, electric motor dynamometer


Major indicators of motor test bench, electric motor dynamometer


  • System torque measurement accuracy is better than ±1% FSR
  • The torque measurement sensitivity is better than fully load 0.1% FSR
  • Speed measurement error is not more than ±0.1% ±1 digit
  • Constant torque control accuracy ±0.2% FSR
  • Constant speed control accuracy ±1 rpm
  • Controller type: Dynamometer and throttle double loop direct digital PID control
  • Control types with closed-loop characteristics
  • Dynamometer with calibration device
  • Condition control: Constant speed control, constant torque control, general test
  • Control modes switching without any disturbance


Major characteristics of motor test bench, electric motor dynamometer


  • High-precision strain gauges for digital measurement of engine output torque
  • Hall sensor achieves high-precision instantaneous speed measurement
  • Digital regulator achieves automatic control of motor output load
  • Direct digital control (DDC) mode ensures the control accuracy and stability
  • Double variable control enables arbitrary control features
  • Flexible system extensions


Electric motor test bench


Major measurement and control functions of electric motor test bench


  1. Measurement and display
  • The real-time dynamic measurement, display and storage of all parameters such as speed, torque, power from dynamometer, DC current and voltage of driver, etc.
  • Real-time curves for displaying any 3 measurement parameters
  • Real-time recording of historical curves and replay


  1. Work condition control

Motor test system has two operating modes: manual and program control. Programmable function can finish the performance test and reliability test in accordance with the preset steps. The program control can be withdrawn at any time and continue next time to complete. The operating conditions and procedures can be compiled, edited and modified on the computer with the loop test function.


  1. Control mode

Direct digital PID control of dynamometer circuit


  1. Control types (closed loop)

Dynamometer: Constant speed, constant torque


  1. Control mode switching

Random dynamic switching without disturbance


  1. Protection and alarm

Motor test system has the hardware and software alarm and emergency stop functions. Three alarm classes can be set.


  1. Test data processing
  • Calculate DC side power and total efficiency of the driver
  • The torque and power can be corrected
  • Measured and corrected values can be displayed
  • All test data can be automatically saved, print as report
  • Results are output as EXCEL format


Electric motor test bench


Main software functions of motor test bench, electric motor dynamometer


  • Software is using component development technology. User can easily add or delete, edit the display parameters
  • Any five measurement parameters of any real-time curve can be displayed, real-time record as historical curves and played back from historical curve
  • Measurement parameters with three alarm protection, protection conditions can be set artificially
  • With the program control function, it can complete the variable load performance test and reliability test by presetting the steps. User can exit the program control any time and can continually complete the program control next time
  • Generating EXCEL report, user can edit the format of the report
  • Draw a characteristic curve of the test data


Electric motor test bench


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