Dynamometer specification, configuration

POWERLINK specializes in the development, production and sales of power inspection equipment. With years of technology accumulation, excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service system, POWERLINK dynamometer brand has gained popularity and reputation in the power inspection equipment industry.

The dynamometer products are widely used for performance test in general mechanical power equipment such as automotive electric motor or engine, hybrid and electric vehicle, transmission and powertrain, engineering machinery gearbox, etc.


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Dynamometer specification, configuration



Eddy current dynamometer specification

  • Eddy current dynamometer (or eddy current brake) tests the endurance property of engine, electric motor, automobile parts, gas turbine and engineering machinery for forestry or mining.



AC dynamometer specification

  • AC dynamometer can run for the transient test with very high control response and low inertia. Hydraulic or eddy current dynamometer cannot meet such demanding properties.



Hydraulic dynamometer specification

  • Hydraulic dynamometer (or water brake) tests the big power of diesel engine, heavy-duty electric motor, automotive component, gas or hydraulic turbine.



Torque sensor and torque meter specification

  • Torque sensor and torque meter tests the torque, speed and power for electric motor, fan, pump, gear and gearbox. The applications cover industrial production and research, locomotives, tractor, aircraft and ship.

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Eddy current dynamometer or eddy current brake motor endurance test



Engine endurance test specification

  • This engine test bench can be used for engine routine, performance and reliability tests of gasoline and diesel engine. The engine endurance test is ideal for the research on fuel economy or emissions.



Engine transient test specification

  • This engine test bench carries out transient test using AC dynamometer. The test bench automatic measurement and control system is the key for the engine performance test. It is mainly used in the product research and development process of vehicle engines, and it is required to be able to perform both transient test and steady state test.



Electric motor endurance test specification

  • This electric motor test system has the manual and program automatic control. The programmable software controls the variable load for performance and reliability test.



Electric motor transient test specifiation

  • Electric motor transient test bench is specially suitable for motor and controller using in hybrid and electric vehicle for performance test, durability and customized development tests.



Heavy duty engine or motor test specification

  • The big power diesel engine, heavy duty electric motor, gas turbine and hydraulic turbine can be tested.



Simple engine or motor loading test specification

  • The simple controller, using with eddy current or hydraulic dynamometer, can carry out the closed‐loop engine or electric motor performance and durability test.



Transmission test specification

  • Transmission test bench, designs for traditional, hybrid or electric vehicles, can test the pure transmission or transmission assembly with engine for hybrid vehicle or electric motor for electric vehicle.



Gearbox and torque converter test specification

  • Gearbox and torque converter test bench can test the construction machinery transmission and gearbox fatigue life, efficiency, power take-off, noise and vibration spectrum analysis.



Container test cell specification

  • Container test cell is ideal for outdoor testing with measurement and control system. The prime mover can be engine or electric motor. This container test cell can be used as production end-of-line test with automatic fast docking system.