Dynamometer test cell, turn-key dyno container

Dynamometer test cell, turn-key dyno container for electric motor or engine performance test, durability test and research. The concept of pre-manufactured, modular, self-supporting container test cell is gaining popularity among companies which are looking to expand global testing capabilities.

POWERLINK provides its turnkey modules, which reduce installation and commissioning time and provide ultimate flexibility for installation location.

A given container test cell module includes a dynamometer test stand and ancillary equipment to support the unit under test (UUT), environmental controls and a test automation system package to run tests and collect test data. Separate driveline or emissions testing modules, for example, can be added – each containing all the equipment and software needed for testing.

Control rooms can be added as part of a module, or as a unit of their own. Units can also be designed with internal cameras to allow operators to monitor progress inside the cell, while remaining safely outside.

POWERLINK has provided a number of modular dynamometer test cell, turn-key dyno container used for electric motor or engine testing (performance, durability and research) to major OEMs over the past few years. POWERLINK is currently embarking on several projects around the world for a variety of testing needs. The container test cell is converted from a standard 20ft or 40ft steel high-cube containers.

The gates are kept at both ends to facilitate the transportation of equipment and electric motor or engine. The interior is divided into test cell and control cell by partition. Soundproof and shock absorbing panels are installed on the surrounding walls and top surface. The sound absorbing material is filled between the outer casing and the sound absorbing damper plate.


Dynamometer test cell, turn-key dyno container Dynamometer test cell, turn-key dyno container


1. Test room


The bottom of the container test room is welded with rectangular square tube steel and flat frame to improve the overall strength and load carrying capacity. The surface is provided with pattern steel plate. Four rubber cushions support the base plate to effectively mitigate the effects of UUT vibration on the entire container.

A dynamometer is mounted on the mounting plate and coupled to the electric motor or engine via coupling assembly. The UUT mounting bracket fixes the test piece. To ensure safety, the drive shaft guard of the container test room will protect the drive shaft assembly.

In order to smoothly install the electric motor or engine, the container test room is equipped with lifting equipment, which is welded by 16# channel steel and 18# I-beam. The rated load is 0.5T. Temperature conditioning devices (such as water temperature and oil temperature) are fixed on both sides.

The cooling water piping system delivers cooling water to various points. A quick connector is provided at the cooling inlet and outlet for easy installation. There are two air inlets on the top of the dynamometer container test room. The air outlets are placed under the opposite corners to force the air to convect and take away the heat generated by the surface of the UUT.


2. Control room


Horizontal cabinets, electrical cabinets and air conditioners are installed in the container control room. The console is fitted with control unit and 17′ LCD for central controlling the entire test process. The container has sound and heat insulation with double tempered glass observation window.

The steel soundproof door on the right side connects the test room and control room. User can enter the test room to observe the test at any time. All communication cables and power cables in the container test room are placed in the steel trunking to ensure the integrity of the entire container.


Container test cell test content (for engine test)


  • Engine factory test, engine run-in test, sampling, hot and cold running tests;
  • Engine performance test, durability test, reliability and emissions test;
  • The test object can be diesel engine, gasoline engine, gas engine, motor, etc.,
  • The loading can be hydraulic dynamometer, eddy current dynamometer and AC dynamometer.


Dynamometer test cell, turn-key dyno container


Advantages of dynamometer test cell, turn-key dyno container


  • Compared with traditional civil engineering laboratory, container test room is basically the same in function and performance, but the overall arrangement is more flexible, removable and transportable, can be placed in indoor and outdoor or even in wild;
  • There is no need for civil work. Only a flat ground is needed and connecting oil, water, gas, electricity to run;
  • The use of welded structure is lower cost and shorter construction duration than traditional civil laboratory construction;
  • The container test room can complete most of the installation and commissioning works before leaving factory. Only pipelines should be connected on site. So the project duration can be short.


Composition of container test cell


  • Container system
  • Floor and vibration damping system
  • Acoustic noise reduction measures
  • Power distribution control system
  • Air intake and exhaust systems
  • Engine exhaust system
  • Oil, water and gas piping systems
  • Crane system


Dynamometer test cell, turn-key dyno container Dynamometer test cell, turn-key dyno container


Dynamometer test cell, turn-key dyno container with AC Dynamometer (or eddy current brake)


Container test cell

Container test cell for engine end-of-line test


Fast docking containerized test bench system is an integrated product which mainly includes container system, automatic fast docking system and engine automatic measurement and control system. The container system is the basic carrier. Automatic fast docking system is the fixture. The engine automatic measurement and control system is the core.

For end-of-line test, the container outside is the movable machine and the outer roller conveyer. The engine is mounted on the pallet after the pre-assembly line. The AGV car is sent to the top of movable machine and passed through the inner roller conveyer to the platform for engine alignment.

The automated fast docking system transfers most of the works (such as engine alignment, positioning, installation, oil, water, gas, electrical connections, etc.) to the pre-assembly line outside container. It can greatly improve the container utilization and reduce labor intensity of testing personnel.


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