Tractor PTO test bench

PTO test (Power Take-off test) refers to a series of tests performing on a dynamometer which is connect to a tractor power output shaft and the tractor is stationary. Agricultural tractor PTO output power test parameters include speed, torque, power, fuel consumption and so on. PTO test bench can be applied to tractor as PTO test. Once the gearbox and torque sensor are removed, it can be the internal combustion engine bench test.


PTO test bench for endurance test


According to PTO test requirements, the tractor output power take-off test bench, using eddy current brake, consists of mechanical and control system. The mechanical parts are shown as below.


Tractor PTO test bench Tractor PTO test bench


The PTO control system configuration diagram is as below.


Tractor PTO test bench


PTO measurement parameters


  • PTO torque
  • PTO speed
  • Engine speed
  • Fuel consumption
  • Ambient temperature
  • Ambient atmospheric pressure
  • Ambient humidity
  • Oil temperature
  • Air intake pressure
  • Engine exhaust pressure
  • Cooling medium inlet and outlet temperature
  • Fuel pressure
  • Engine exhaust temperature


The above parameters are measured by the corresponding sensor and FC2022 Data acquisition module to complete. The sensor accuracy is not less than 0.5%. Taking into account the measurement and control system is scalable, the following signals or data should be measured:


  • Smoke signals or data from the opacimeter;
  • Air intake and exhaust flow measurement signals or data;
  • Emissions analyzer data (CO, NOx, HC, PM, CO2) signals or data.

PTO test bench for transient performance test


Tractor PTO test bench


System composition

  • FC2012 AC Dynamometer controller
    For accurate measurement and control of motor speed and torque


  • FC2210 Fuel consumption meter
    For fuel consumption measurement of PTO test under different work conditions


  • FC2310 series Throttle actuator
    Automatic or manual control of the tractor throttle


  • FC2022 Data acquisition module
    For test data collection, processing and transmission


The PTO control system, using AC dynamometer, applies decentralized control, centralized management mode. It can be the automatic or manual operation. The diagram is as below.


Tractor PTO test bench


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