Hybrid vehicle driveline test bench

The hybrid vehicle driveline test bench completes electric or hybrid vehicle powertrain assembly test, comprehensive performance matching optimization test, vehicle road condition simulation and other tests.

The hybrid vehicle driveline test bench is mainly used for the power system (engine, ISG motor, transmission, dynamometer) in the user product development process and its electronic control system for research and development. The engine, motor, motor controller and transmission performance tests can provide accurate and reliable test charts and data.

The driveline test bench tests the dynamics of pure electric and hybrid drive systems, simulate the energy consumption of the operating conditions, the motor and controller efficiency and the technical indicators of the drive system components. The vehicle energy consumption and control strategy are studied by simulating the actual working condition of the vehicle.

The hybrid vehicle driveline test bench is suitable for the functional test and performance test of the hybrid and AMT parallel hybrid power system in hybrid power and pure electric vehicle. Development, matching and calibration of new energy power system and driving motor are carried out. The driver operation model can simulate the vehicle road load and provide test data for the confirmation and optimization of vehicle matching parameters.


Hybrid vehicle driveline test bench


System functions


The hybrid vehicle driveline test bench has three operating modes: Hybrid drive test mode, transmission system test mode and pure electric drive test mode. The dynamometer can carry out the engine and transmission assembly experiment, pure transmission experiment and the combination of motor and transmission experiment.

With the vehicle inertia simulation algorithm, the automatic calculation of loading for vehicle driving resistance can be completed. Other functions like exporting data record, fault alarm; manual control and automatic control switch; import and export of automatic work conditions and automatic operation are also included.

Through the combination of modules and tooling change, a variety of functions can be achieved such as front wheel drive testing, reel wheel drive testing, etc.


System structure


  1. Mechanical section

It is used to install the specimen, engine, AMT transmission, dynamometer motor, torque sensor and couplings etc.


  1. Drive control section

It controls the dynamometer motor, tested motor, ABB ACS880 AC converter, FC2013 AC Dynamometer control unit, electronic throttle drive unit, etc.


  1. Electrical parameter measurement section

Using power analyzer to test the system electrical parameters of the motor and the controller and to convert, collect, calculate, etc.


  1. Temperature control section

It is used for cooling the transmission, engine, tested motor and its controller to ensure the system normal test process and to provide system reliability with its service life


  1. Field data acquisition section

It includes the torque and speed as well as temperature and pressure of engine, tested motor and its controller during the test process.


  1. PC control section

It controls the load system to perform relevant work condition tasks and provides human-machine control interface. It includes industrial computer, test control software system, etc.



Test scopes


The hybrid vehicle test bench can complete the joint commissioning of the pure electric vehicle or hybrid vehicle powertrain and overall performance matching optimization test


  • The vehicle control strategies (energy allocation strategy and braking energy feedback strategy) for research and development test
  • Vehicle dynamic simulation test (work condition simulation)
  • Specific energy consumption of the vehicle under test conditions
  • AMT gear shift strategy commissioning and validation test
  • Reliable performance test of relevant high-voltage components such as motor efficiency, speed characteristics, torque characteristics and motor control
  • AMT gear shift smoothness and reliability test
  • AMT gear shift strategy commissioning and validation test
  • Performance test of engine torque, speed response and other relevant standards
  • Dynamic performance and fuel economy performance test for user-defined cyclic work conditions



Hybrid drive test mode

Hybrid vehicle driveline test bench



Pure electric drive test mode

Hybrid vehicle driveline test bench



4WD four-wheel drive hybrid vehicle powertrain test mode

Hybrid vehicle driveline test bench


Technical standards


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