Gearbox test stand

Using the latest gearbox test stand technology, POWERLINK advanced gearbox load testing is possible in close-to-actual operating conditions. The loaded test is important to prove the quality of new, refurbished or overhaul gearbox operating under real-life circumstances.

The gearbox test stand is able to reverse driving. It means the generator becomes the motor and the motor becomes the generator. The gearbox test stand is designed to simulate real-life load levels and is freely programmable.

The gearbox test stand has included oil coolers because in some scenarios gearboxes are actively cooled. This also gives the opportunity to regulated the temperature of the oil and be used to simulate real-life temperatures. The test stand is very flexible and customizable to specific customers needs. The test cycle is freely programmable to achieve real-life simulation of the customers environment.

During the test cycle the gearbox is monitored and controlled based on its speed, power, torque, temperature, vibration and oil contamination.


Gearbox back-to-back configuration


The test bench for torque converter, hydraulic transmission or coaxial gearbox adopts the modular structure and fully utilizes cast iron platform, drive motor, load motor, sensor and fixture through the different combinations. The same gearbox test stand can achieve different types of gearbox performance test, life test and gear shift performance test. After modification, the PTO performance and life test can be completed.


Gearbox test stand


Gearbox test bench: withg the same gear ratio of accompanied gearbox


Gearbox test stand


The gearbox test stand adopts the two frequency conversion motor to realize the real transmission performance test. The control of drive motor can be achieved through ABB or Siemens converter control cabinet. The AC motor output power is feed through the converter cabinet and back to the grid as closed loop to achieve energy saving purpose.

In order to ensure the smooth test progress, the gearbox test bench equips with FC2430TX Transmission oil temperature control device. During the test, the gearbox oil temperature is controlled in real time within the set range. The characteristic curves of the gearbox under various rotational speed, torque and oil temperature can be obtained.

The mechanical back-to-back connection of gearbox test bench cannot only ensure the same gearbox input and output speed and torque but also the symmetry of the motor operation.


Gearbox test bench: with different gear ratio of accompanied gearbox


Gearbox test stand


Gearbox test stand


Gearbox test stand test items


  • Gearbox fatigue life test under steady-state conditions
  • Gearbox transmission efficiency test under different oil temperature conditions
  • Noise and vibration spectrum analysis and fault diagnosis
  • Measurement and analysis of the forces getting into gear and gear removal
  • Durability test of gearbox power take-off

Lifting platform configuration


The high point of lifting platform can test the input and output coaxial gearbox or transmission. The low point can test the input and output non-coaxial gearbox, powershift transmission or hydraulic transmission.


Coaxial gearbox or automotive transmission test bench with AC dynamometer


Test bench for coaxial and non-coaxial gearbox or torque converter with lifting platform


Gearbox test stand


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